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Like so many, dogs have always been a part of Ian’s life. As a young child, he helped his family’s giant black Labrador overcome his fear of stairs so he could sleep on Ian’s bed each night on the second floor of the house. Growing up, Ian looked after the neighbor’s Shih Tzu, his relative’s German Shepherd and made friends with many other dogs along the way. Ian’s passion for dogs eventually led him to working dogs, as part of his 15 year law enforcement career. While in the K9 Unit at the Grand Traverse County Sheriff's Office, Ian worked and trained two dual purpose explosive detection canines -  Janke and Thor. Ian has worked and trained two single purpose explosive detection canines for the Lake Michigan Car Ferry in Ludington, Michigan since 2022.  Ian continues to participate in the regional law enforcement K9 training group, assisting dogs and handlers with their bi-monthly training. 


Constantly on the lookout for new training ideas, methodologies and strategies, Ian meets each dog and owner/handler where they are, never applying a “one size fits all” training method.  During his law enforcement career, Ian trained and certified as a K9 handler through Mike Morgan of Mid Michigan Police K9, Dogs for Law Enforcement (DLE) and International Police Working Dog Association (IPWDA). He has also attended various seminars and conferences throughout the Midwest. Most recently, Ian spent six months training working dogs and pet dogs under Jerry Bradshaw and Derek Beckleman of Tarheel Canine in North Carolina, through their intensive Master Trainer certification program.


Ian opened Fresh Coast K9 to foster better human-canine dynamics and connections. In the first year of business, Ian helped train a multitude of pet and working dog clients. Ian recently trained new police dogs and their new handlers for the Benzie and Leelanau County Sheriff Offices. His goal is to help pet owners and professional handlers alike reach higher levels of communication and understanding with their canine partner or family companion. Ian also maintains a strong professional relationship with several local and regional veterinarian offices, local and statewide dog equipment vendors, and other respected dog trainers from across the country and the United Kingdom. The network of resources Ian has fostered in the dog community makes Fresh Coast K9 to stand out above others.

In April of 2024, after only one year in business, Fresh Coast K9 was accredited with the Better Business Bureau. This recognition is a testament to Ian's honor and integrity to the Fresh Coast K9 clients and the dog industry. Trust is a core principle for the BBB and trust is something that Fresh Coast K9 relies on heavily in dog training and with client interactions. Ian is proud to have the BBB seal as part of the Fresh Coast K9 resume.

Dog Portrait


M&G, Traverse City

My husband & I have a 2+ year old German Shepherd (GSD) who is full of confidence & has plenty of drive (read: he can be a handful!).  With just the 3 of us around the majority of time our GSD has not taken too kindly to visitors (barking, mildly confrontational - he likes to see what kind of reaction he gets from humans when he acts up).  An upcoming visit from out-of-town relatives lead us to Ian for tips on how to handle the meet & greet and week-long visitors.  Ian established a protocol for us to follow.  We met with our relatives off site & explained their role, then took them to the house & put our training in motion.  It worked flawlessly!  By the end of the week our GSD was taking his toys & flying discs to them, initiating playtime!!  We will definitely continue working with Ian - we couldn’t be happier with the results!!
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