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Like humans, every dog is unique. As such, not every dog can be trained the same way as the next. We believe you have to train the dog in front of you! Each dog has different personalities, traits and breed characteristics that can and will affect how we interact with them. With this in mind, Fresh Coast K9 provides training plans which are customized to each individual dog and their needs. We take a practical "what's best for the dog?" approach.

The training path begins with communication. In order to foster clear communication with your dog in the training process, we begin with a foundation based on motivation. We use what works best for your dog, be it food, toys or simple praise rewards. We also use a variety of training tools to complete the communication link between human and dog. From free shaping, to classical and operant conditioning techniques, we work to create a balanced training methodology that keeps the dog’s best interest at heart. We want to see your dog win the game, while understanding how to play within the rules!

Fresh Coast K9 believes in using what works for each individual dog and the owner. While we may provide reasons, theory or practical experiences as a justification for a particular technique or tool, we will never force clients to only do things "one way". We aim to help train dogs and owners in a way that fits everyone's own individual style.

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